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“I recently participated in Truth in Comedy sharing a very personal story regarding a health issue I live with daily. I was scared and wanted to back out so many times. While telling my story was certainly therapeutic for me, the addition of the comedy set was therapeutic for all—truly making this an emotional roller coaster filled with the tension of a serious story and the relief of a light-hearted perspective.

My comedic counterpart (Byron Stamps) did an amazing job of connecting to my situation in a way that was complimentary and not condescending or heckling. His thoughts helped me realize a bright side to something that always seemed to cast a dark shadow on my life. Most importantly, after the show was done, listening to the positive response from the audience was equally rewarding. I was surprised by the instant connection I had with so many strangers based on Byron’s vision for this. I even had people tell me that they wanted to share their stories afterwards. He is certainly on to something. This is the kind of idea that brings healing. This is the kind of idea the world needs.”

~ Lauren Brezindine, Storyteller

“I DO storytelling. I’ve been part of Oral Fixation. I’ve helped start different storytelling shows at Dallas Comedy House. I teach a class. I love it. As often as I’ve done it, Truth in Comedy brought me to another level of vulnerability that I dared go into before. I was tasked to tell a story about myself that I never thought I would tell anyone. I made my peace with that part, but the thought of someone else taking the story and doing a stand-up set about it was terrifying.

Having the opportunity to attend a show before I had to share my story put me completely at ease.

The reason I love and DO storytelling is the same reason I love comedy: we point out what is familiar and ridiculous about what is familiar and ridiculous about the human experience and release our anxiety about it through words, through tears, and through laughter. Everyone that attended the first Truth in Comedy walked away feeling something was lifted out of themselves; the storytellers, the comedians, the audience. There was such a respect for who we all are as human beings. And everyone appreciated the freedom to laugh about life and it’s absurdity as we live it. The show I got to be in was no different. I released a story that I planned on taking to my grave with a room full of strangers. I laughed at all the jokes inspired by my story. I was embraced by others who shared my truth. And we were all free.”

~ Julia Cotton, Storyteller

“I have done hundreds of shows throughout my life, but Truth in Comedy is unlike any other show; It’s an EXPERIENCE. I was able to share a story I had never told about my abuse and it was so cathartic. Being able to laugh afterwards about something so painful was such a roller coaster. Beyond my own story I got to hear the other stories and understand that everyone is walking around with pain but also the deep desire to heal. The support I received from the audience was so moving, and everyone in that room walked away feeling like we shared a special bond. I’ve never been a part of a show that connected people in such a powerful way, and I probably never will be again.”

~ Lindsay Goldapp, Storyteller

“It was a really great experience for me personally because I feel like it was a great environment to express feelings about things you would normally keep inside or to yourself. People were open and honest about who they were and who they are now, and in hearing other people’s stories and similar experiences made them feel like they weren’t alone because they aren’t. Having a comedian go up after a personal story was a great way to soothe the story tellers after they opened up. I just feel like the whole show was therapeutic, fun, and enjoyable. I would love to perform again.”

~ Latrice Allen, Comedian

“When I signed up to tell my story at Truth in Comedy, I thought I was doing it to further process through my relationship with my father. I thought I was doing this for myself. After reading my story, and seeing how it affected others, I now understand that the true gift of what I was able to do was not in my healing, but in the insight and healing I was able to provide others. This was without a doubt a worthwhile experience and one for which I am very grateful for having gone through.”

~ Jessica Roy, Storyteller

“Sharing my story at Truth in Comedy was a definite positive in my life. It has added to my natural skill set of speaking and sharing stories. I am a public speaker and Truth in Comedy has added to my portfolio and growth as a speaker. The art of sharing my story and then a comedian coming right after and sharing a comedy set is freeing. It is so nice to be able to laugh at the difficulties in life and make light of a situation by seeing someone else's perspective. It was also great to see and know that I am not alone in my struggle. Other's go through serious things and can laugh about it and now I can too. The diversity, range of stories and comedy is refreshing. Thank you Truth in Comedy! I am forever grateful!”

~ Rachel McCants, storyteller

“Truth in Comedy is a wonderful artistic outlet for both audience members and performers. I realized how thoughtfully it was conceived when I first saw the show. I laughed and cried, but most importantly, I felt transformed from when I walked in the door. As a performer, I was allowed to tell my truth to an open audience who was willing to listen intently in a supportive environment. Unlike other storytelling experiences, I was blown away by the comedian who was inspired by my story. Her set was funny, thoughtful, and heartfelt. She made my story come alive in ways that I couldn’t. I felt heard and validated by my experience as a Truth in Comedy performer. Byron Stamps is the mastermind behind this creative endeavor, and should be credited for providing something so unique, compassionate, and funny for audiences and performers.”

~ Sydney Plant, Storyteller

“In the days following telling my story at TIC, I have felt lighter and stronger than I have in a very long time. There is something extraordinarily therapeutic about telling our stories. So many of us walk around clinging to pain of the past and blocking ourselves from experiencing true joy. TIC allows storytellers, regular people, to tell a story from their life, their truth; and not only does that have a healing impact on the storyteller, but also the audience. I believe it is the kind of experience where there is an exchange of raw vulnerability in a shared space where nobody walks away unchanged. The TIC performances are a way to release the past and accept that it can be no different and you are where you because your life experiences have brought you to this moment and you are strong enough and brave enough to tell your truth. There is nothing more powerful than that. It’s like your turning pain into power and art.”

~ Michelle Read, Storyteller

“As an artist I find myself often sharing stories from my perspective, working with truth in comedy allowed me a moment to reevaluate my lens of viewing and deeply consider the truth and validity of someone else’s experiences. Spending time with the stories of overcoming and understanding made me consider the creative possibilities of how we all work through situations in our own lives, how we voyage into experiences and cope with them. Developing a creative piece for the story tellers isn’t only a chance for me as an artist to creatively depict their journey, but a chance for me to create an additional space that an audience can relate to and empathize with. It’s always humbling to hear someone’s true story, no holding back and trusting an audience to meet them in a place of understanding as they share their experience of life.”

~ Jessica Martinez, Visual Artist

“Participating in the truth and comedy series was a life-changing for me. It gave me the opportunity to express thoughts that I thought that I should be ashamed of, but with this show, I realized that I'm not alone with my thoughts and experiences. And to have a comedian take my story and make it a fun and joyous occasion was very cathartic for me. The show even inspired me to create my one woman show around my experiences with sexuality. I am forever thankful that Byron Stamps gave me the opportunity to participate in something that is so magical and life-changing.”

~ Nkechi Chibueze, Storyteller

“I had the opportunity to perform at Truth in Comedy presented by Byron Stamps. The experience was amazing. TiC is a unique room that offers people a chance to tell their personal stories followed by a comedic set inspired by those stories.

I was inspired in many different ways. However, the vulnerability of the storytellers is what inspired me the most. As a comedian, I sometimes struggle with being completely exposed on stage. After watching the storytellers let their guard down and be real, I realized it's okay to tell MY truth and talk about the life experiences that make me the person I am today.”

~ KeLanna Spiller, Comedian

“Participating in the TIC show as a performer is a cathartic experience and offers the storyteller a platform to connect intimately, not only with the audience, but the stand-up comedians as well. There’s a lot of vulnerability in trusting someone else to interpret your story from their perspective and molding it to their craft to connect with the audience. It’s a delicate balance, but TIC always pulls it off.

TIC reminds us all that inside every story of truth there are moments of laughter that need to be celebrated, too.”

~ Tami Stowe, Storyteller

“Truth in Comedy is a profound experience. TiC helps to remove the isolation of emotions from life experiences and exploits the healing of laughter. As a participant, I have watched and experienced, the ability to transcend race, gender identity, and economic status to really see and identify with the human experience. I witnessed tears and laughter and tears of laughter. As a director of a fortune 300 company, I recognize the need for true emotional intelligence and TiC is that link that completes the circle. As a comedian, I learned to embrace my past and allow that pain that made me funny heal.

Simply said, it is a life changing experience.”

~ Michelle Henderson, Comedian

“Truth in Comedy is a unique storytelling experience for individuals in the metroplex. Mr. Stamps does a great job of engaging the audience, and inviting a great diversity of voices and stories to the stage. There’s a great power to creating a story and then hearing a stand-up set following the themes of your ‘truth’ – it really does highlight the ‘Truth in Comedy’ and makes for a night of wonderful entertainment, bonding, and emotional vulnerability, blanketed in laughter.”

~ Devon Kodzis, Storyteller

“My name is Kristine Cruz and I have been attending Truth in Comedy (TiC)’s events for over a year. I’d consider myself a pretty loyal audience member. If I’m in town on the first weekend of the month, I grab a friend and go. For me, TiC has been a breath of fresh air. It provides a platform for anyone from the DFW community to tell their story. Byron has created a safe space where individuals can share their truth and be heard. It’s a beautiful experience to witness an individual’s story through three lenses: first, through the storyteller directly; next, the comedian’s set based on the story; and, finally, the featured artist’s manifestation of the story. TiC is a unique experience that creates intimacy among a group of strangers and the opportunity to connect with someone who is seemingly different from you. TiC’s partnerships with local venues, organizations, and artists broadens its impact and support for our community. I believe TiC is deserving of support for all it does for the community and for the arts.”

~ Kristine E. Cruz, Audience Member

Saturday night I had the opportunity to share my story in a different setting than I've ever done it before. I shared it many times as an example of God changing my life with intent to convince people of Christianity. I have shared it as an example of why I'm for more strict gun laws. But Saturday was the first time I had shared it with zero agenda whatsoever in front of an audience. It was really freeing to just be able to share my truth simply for the sake of sharing it with people who were interested simply because they're interested in hearing other's stories. No agenda, no judgement, certainly no alter call, just one human, sharing their experience with other humans.

Truth in Comedy - TiC is a brilliant event put on by my friend Byron Stampsevery month where people share their stories and then a comedian follows and does their set based on pieces of the story. It's cool how the comedians 100% honor and respect the storytellers but find ways to relate with the story and laugh about things the storyteller can laugh at as well.

To me, Truth In Comedy is a fascinating example of how we get through hard times. Sometimes all we can do is laugh when things are crazy hard. Being able to laugh in the midst of difficult times, I understand, can be near impossible at times. But if we are able to, it makes it so much easier to get through it.

Beyond that, the simple act of being able to bear your soul with a group of people without fear of judgement is something that is incredibly valuable. We are all far more interconnected than we realize and we need each other way more than we realize. Thank you Byron for giving me this opportunity. And for anyone reading this, I hope you will check out the next Truth In Comedy event!

~ Andrew Glenn, Storyteller

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